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Improve your child’s storytelling skills.

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The “World’s First” in using films to improve children’s storytelling skills

Your child’s unique story written by them, turned into a memorable film

We stimulate children’s creativity to make them better storytellers

We turn your child’s script into an amazing film for their development

Did you discover your child’s talent for writing and want to motivate them to build great stories?

If the answer is YES, we have just what you need! At TinyTellers, we have created a unique method for them to learn how to write stories. Your child’s stories are converted into imaginative videos. This helps in  the development of their storytelling capabilities. Once they see their story magically come to life, they will be motivated to write better stories. We will accompany them on their journey towards improving their abilities. We will teach them how to  develop the central idea of their stories, to describe emotions and moments in an incredible way. We will edit their stories without loosing the “Child-like” character” of the story.

Your child will learn to:

  • Write super creative and quality children’s stories.
  • Techniques to describe emotions and moments.
  • Use essential tools to reduce conceptual errors in writing.
  • Perfect their written expression and decide on the optimal tone for the story.
  • Understand story structure and its components.
  • Design attention-grabbing characters and settings.